John Mayer on 8/30 reported via e-mail: American Redstart at Paul Wolf Forest Preserve on 8/29/16.

American Redstart

American Redstart photo courtesy John Mayer

Jon Duerr on 8/30 reported via IBET: For the past couple weeks Swifts have been seen flocking into chimneys in and around St. Charles. Last night we guesstimated 530 Swifts entering the chimney at 4th Ave and Main (Rt 64) St. Charles. The Swifts began circling the chimney in high wide ovals around 7:20 and entered the chimney about 7:40. They were all in by 7:55 ! This is one of 4 chimneys in use presently. There are another 5 that have been used in the past but not now. It is fascinating to watch the black funnels form once the birds decide to enter.

Chuck Peterson on 8/29 reported via e-mail: South Elgin dam. 17 Great Egrets and one lonely Great Blue. By the time we left there were 30 Egrets hanging around. Too dark to photograph.

Great Egrets

Great Egrets photo courtesy Chuck Peterson

Cathy Martens on 8/28 reported via e-mail: This evening (August 28th) there has been a red-breasted nuthatch in my yard, visiting the sunflower feeder and spending lots of time in my ash and pine tree. In the 10 years we've lived here (Campton Hills near Wasco), I've never seen a RBNH in my yard! It may be hanging around with a group of chickadees. Maybe an early winter arrival?!

Chuck Peterson on 8/27 reported via e-mail: Snowy Egret at South Elgin dam. Not a good shot, but identifiable.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret photo courtesy Chuck Peterson

Walter Lutz on 8/27 reported via e-mail: Black & White Warbler @ Jon Duerr F.P. today.

Black-and-white Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler photo courtesy Walter Lutz

John Heneghan on 8/27 reported via e-mail: Big Rock birds. Warblers have arrived at home. Black and White, Black throated Green, Pine, juvenile Bay Breasted, Redstart and an Acadian Flycatcher. Also a young fox under the front porch. 8/27

Bob Andrini on 8/22 reported via e-mail: Kath and I saw 4 different warbler species this morning (Monday 8/22) at Quarry Park: Chestnut-sided; Black & White; Pine; American Redstart. Let the migration begin.

John Mayer on 8/21 reported via e-mail: Approximately 20 Green Herons in and around the pond at Binnie Forest Preserve in Carpentersville today.

Green Herons

Green Herons and Great Egret photo courtesy John Mayer

Glenn Perricone on 8/21 reported via eBird: Blue Grosbeaks remain at the Kane County portion of Fermilab. "Confirmed two males, both in adult breeding plumage, both seen at the same time. In addition, a female was observed with a grasshopper in her mouth and there was a begging juvenile."

Bob Andrini on 8/21 reported via e-mail: We woke up to at least 35 Common Grackles in our backyard this morning - migration must be on.

Walter Lutz on 8/18 reported via e-mail: This is something I haven't seen. These bees, larger than the regular honey bee, have taken over this nest box. At Jelke Bird Sanctuary Thursday p.m.


Bee box photo courtesy Walter Lutz

Bob Andrini on 8/18 reported via e-mail: While counting Chimney Swifts at a site on the east side of St. Charles, I noticed 2 Common Nighthawks flying south.  They were not calling - could their migration be starting????

Walter Lutz on 8/14 reported via e-mail: Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron @ Pingree Grove WTP marsh this morning.

Black-crowned Night-Heron juvenile

Juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron photo courtesy Water Lutz

John Heneghan on 8/8 reported via IBET: I visited the Rt 47 fuddle twice yesterday and this morning (8/8) and have not seen the stilts. I spoke to some birders at the fuddle yesterday who said they had not seen the stilts. I believe Al Stokie stopped by Sunday (8/7) and had not seen the stilts. 

Suzanne Coleman on 8/8 reported via IBET: Hi all, A quick stop over to check out this place. It's Nelson Lake (marsh) but also called Dick Young preserve. You probably really need a scope to enjoy the views from the eastern platform. I did see my first ever immature coot with adult. Also there were 2 green herons, many wood ducks, mallards, great blue herons, barn swallows and a weird prairie singer I'm going to guess is dickcissel but I haven't yet checked the song.

At the northern lot, the small marsh is closer so I could see a bit better, but all that was there were calling and flying green herons (which is still pretty good!). Three in the marsh and a group of 4 flew NE before I walked to it.

2 monarchs and 2 yellow-colored swallowtails were seen.

John Heneghan on 8/3 reported via e-mail: The Sugar Grove Stilts may be down to one juvenile, as I have seen only one the last 3 days. A bald eagle flew over when I was there Sunday, the adults chased it off. If anyone is there and sees 2 juveniles, please let me know. 

Black-necked Stilts

Parent and juvenile Black-necked Stilt photo courtesy John Heneghan

Brendon Lake on 8/1 reported via e-mail: Confirmed! The Kane County Swainson's Hawk pair has fledged one healthy juvenile for certain! The juvenile is pictured in the photo, soaring with an adult.

Swainson's Hawks

Adult and juvenile Swainson's Hawks photo courtesy Brendon Lake



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