February 2008 Sightings


Darrell Shambaugh on 2/28 reported via IBET: The Kane County Courthouse owls were on the nest on January 18, and probably before that. Last year the first time I saw the nest occupied was January 6. This nest has had the earliest nesting I've seen. It could be that it is easy to see. I can stop in a no-parking zone on 3rd street on my way to work and check it without getting out of the car. Or, it could be because it is a protected place and is easy to nest in. This year it has survived three winter storms with extreme winds from the west. This nest doesn't look very sturdy, but it holds up really well.

Dave Coulter on 2/28 reported via IBET: For something like the third year in a row great horned owls are nesting in a large tree on the northeast quadrant of the grounds at the Kane County courthouse in downtown Geneva. This is a fairly busy public area, and in the past the owls and their young have been the subject of much admiration. Apparently they don't mind the attention!

Karen Land on 2/25 reported via IBET: ...my resident Sharp Shinned Hawk just passed through my yard (in Batavia) about 9 am.

Chris Madsen on 2/24 reported: While out and about enjoying better weather this weekend, we spotted a Northern Shrike on Saturday afternoon near the entrance to Grunwald Farms Forest Preserve,  located a mile or so west of the intersection of Route 47 and Main Street. That shrike sighting goes along with another seen near the entrance to John Duerr Forest Preserve on Friday morning. Also had a first-of-year Red-winged Blackbird at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve this morning. And to complete the roundup, the female Great Horned Owl was still on the nest at the Kane County courthouse this afternoon. No sightings of any owlets but lots of fluffy, downy-like feathers surround the nest.

Jane McMillan on 2/16 reported via e-mail: A Rough-legged Hawk this morning sitting in a tree  next to the parking lot at Peck Farm Park. Gave great views in the tree, then put on an aerial show.

Ann Haverstock on 2/16 reported via e-mail: The female Great Horned Owl has been on her nest at the Geneva courthouse since January 12th. Owlets should appear any day.

Jon Duerr on 2/15 reported via e-mail: A beautiful Rough-legged Hawk was sitting all morning Friday at the entrance to Prairie Landing Golf Course along Kautz Rd., just north of Rt 38. About 200 yds into the golf course a Northern Shrike was feeding upon hawthorns (!) along the drive.

Bob Andrini on 2/14 reported via e-mail: On my monitoring at Norris Woods I saw my first Brown Creeper of the year. Other than that, the birds were very quiet.

Karen Land on 2/6 reported via IBET: ...I had a brown creeper yesterday (in my yard in Batavia). Today, juncos, red breasted nuthatch, cardinals, doves who could not land in deep snow and all the usual finches. Also downy woodpecker and I think the sharp shinned hawk came through scattering everyone quickly.

Anthony Friend on 2/3 reported via IBET: I saw a Northern Shrike this afternoon...(as) previously reported at Binnie Forest Preserve in Kane County.


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