Sean Fitzpatrick on 1/30 reported via eBird: A Tundra Swan at Glenwood Forest Preserve in Batavia.

Chris Weishaar on 1/29 reported via IBET: Two bald eagles over the fox river in st. Charles at route 25 and Moore street. 1 adult and 1 immature.

Stephen Pack on 1/29 reported via IBET: I set out Saturday mid-morning hoping to see Horned Larks and Lapland Longspurs. I drove Main Street from Deerpath Road to Dauberman Road in Kane County. I fairly quickly encountered a flock of 7-8 Horned Larks in a field of stubble about a half mile east of Green Street. They were singing and quite active...

I did not come across any more HLs or any LLs at all. There were some enormous flocks of Starlings, one at Dauberman and Scott Roads...

Anne Fabing on 1/28 reported via e-mail: I spotted a Blue Heron flying over the Batavia Library as I was getting to work at 8am on Friday, January 27th.

Don Lowe on 1/28 reported via IBET: There was one male and one female Northern Pintail in the Fox River in Batavia (Kane County) at 11:30 this morning.

I saw them while on the west side of the river near the quarry.

Jackie Bowman on 1/27 reported via e-mail: This afternoon I received a phone call from my husband, telling me to bring my camera out to a field near Peck Farm in Geneva. When I arrived at the field Chris was observing a Red Tailed Hawk enjoying his early dinner of fresh Geneva Rabbit, all that was left was the hind legs (yuck). We presume he was so full that he was content to just sit while I took a few photos of him, soon after he flew up to the rooftop of a nearby house.

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk photo courtesy Jackie Bowman

Jim Narovec on 1/26 reported via e-mail: On 1/26, spotted a pair of Bald Eagles in a tree on the east bank of the Fox River in Carpentersville.

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles photo courtesy Jim Narovec

Julie Long on 1/26 reported via IBET: My husband (the "non-birder" who does know cranes) told me last night that there was a flock of sandhill cranes flying over our house yesterday, west of Fox River in ST Charles. I had hoped that someone else may have seen them and reported them to IBET but I don't see any postings about them. Isn't this quite late in the winter for them to be going south? I know it has been a mild winter but... Maybe the hunting season in Kentucky will be finished by the time they fly over, and they knew that!!

Marion Miller on 1/24 reported via e-mail: Rich and I birded some areas around Kane County yesterday and found two unusual sightings. The first was an American Coot near the bridge in Geneva. It was swimming with a flock of Mallards. The second was an American Tree Sparrow with a white head! After placing it on IBF for some identification discussion, there was some difference of opinions on it's name: either a Leucistic American Tree Sparrow or a Partially Amelanistic American Tree Sparrow. One thing everyone agreed on, was that it was a pretty neat looking bird! The picture isn't the best but I wanted to share this unique American Tree Sparrow with KCA members. We found it on Seavey road with a group of about 11 Tree Sparrows.

Leucustic American Tree Sparrow

Leucistic American Tree Sparrow photo courtesy Rich Miller

Sue Wagoner on 1/24 reported via e-mail: This Red-Bellied Woodpecker comes to my feeder from time to time. It appeared last week that he was storing sunflower seeds in a neighbor's tree. Other than an occasional White-Breasted Nuthatch and Blue Jay not much interesting visits my feeders (sorry Doves, Sparrows, House Finches and Juncos!)

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker photo courtesy Sue Wagoner

Yeanette Johnson on 1/22 reported via IBET: A few cool birds seen during a Soda Pop Run this evening...

NORTHERN HARRIER (Two: one behind the North Aurora Woodman's/Target & one hunting the field adjacent to the old TLN building across the street... Orchard Gateway West of Orchard Rd).

AMERICAN TREE SPARROW (In good numbers feeding roadside on Orchard Gateway West of Orchard Rd).

RING-NECKED PHEASANT (Feeding in the field on Deerpath Rd just North of Indian Trail Rd).

Walter Lutz on 1/22 reported via e-mail: Burnidge Forest Preserve During a morning snowshoe hike - Short-eared Owl in the prairie area north/northwest of the parking lot. Barred Owl in the evergreens south of the campground and a small flock of Bluebirds near the creek in the southeast part of the preserve.

John Janunas on 1/21 reported via e-mail: Lots of action today on the Fox River [in Batavia]. The cold weather really brought in the Golden Eyes.

Common Goldeneye


Common Goldeneyes

Common Goldeneye photos courtesy John Janunas

Marion Miller on 1/20 reported via e-mail: A beautiful Cooper's Hawk was perched on the front yard fence when I arrived home from a bird outing yesterday. I guess it wanted to be included in the sightings count for the day!

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk photo courtesy Marion Miller

Yeanette Johnson on 1/19 reported via IBET: Marion Miller, Theresa Le Compte, and I did some birding together today.

Target Birds were SNOW BUNTING & LAPLAND LONGSPUR (The Bunting needed for my Year List and "Life Birds" for both of the other gals! Theresa also needed the Lappies for her Life List). I was also hoping for a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK which did not happen :-(

Here is our list for the few hours we spent together:


Most of these birds were found on MAIN ST from Kane County into De Kalb County.

*** Three of my Birding Buddies & I heard two SCREECH OWLS at an undisclosed location in KANE CO. late this evening ***

Marion Miller on 1/16 reported via e-mail: Drove some Kane County roads in hopes of finding a Snowy Owl, instead found 5 Sandhill Cranes off Bliss Rd.

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes photo courtesy Marion Miller

Karen Land on 1/15 reported via IBET: This afternoon about 2:45 we saw 2 adult Bald Eagles in a nest on the Mooseheart property. This is not the man made nest. My partner drives this way daily to work and back and sees at least one several times a week.

Eric Secker on 1/15 reported via IBET: On the way out for church this morning I heard / saw a COMMON REDPOLL with a group of four American Goldfinches in one of the crabapple trees by our apartment. Also, the goldfinches have been feeding on the crabapples quite regularly which I found to be interesting.

On our way up Route 31, north of Carpentersville, I also had a LAPLAND LONGSPUR by the road by Brunner F.P. (the big farm field area)...

Also, a week or two ago I had a dream about a singing Carolina Wren that we were looking for along the Lakefront. I woke up and a CAROLINA WREN was singing right outside our window at Judson. There are one or two pairs that are resident along Tyler Creek between Judson and Tyler Creek F.P. but this was the first time I have had one here since over a year ago.

Chris Madsen on 1/14 reported: At around noon today, flocks totaling about 200 birds on Seavey Road just west of Bliss Road produced nearly equal quantities of Lapland Longspurs and Horned Larks. Saw no Snow Buntings.

Jon Duerr on 1/14 reported via e-mail: At the beginning of our walk Sat. morning at the St. C Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, a Merlin streaked in and grabbed a Junco! We relocated and confirmed the id. 15 min. later south of the Discovery Center. Lots of White-crown, Tree, and Song Sparrow and one Field Sparrow. An E. Towhee was reported but not seen.

Jim Frazier on 1/14 reported via IBET: The Mockingbird showed up this morning [at our house in Batavia] at 8am! Feel free to visit - we're heading out. The driveway and patio aren't cleared of snow, so fair warning.

[Scroll down to see Jim's original post on 1/2 for directions to the bird.]

Julie Long on 1/13 reported via IBET: There were about 100 sandhill cranes headed south along the west side of the Fox River in South Elgin today at about 4 pm. I hope they find something to eat in the snow covered fields. We probably have about four inches of snow here.

Ron Dickenson on 1/11 reported via e-mail: The Mooseheart Eagles in their nest late this afternoon.

Mooseheart Eagles on nest photo courtesy Ron Dickenson

Jim Narovec on 1/11 reported via e-mail: Lunchtime on 1/11, spotted a pair of Bald Eagles in one of their favorite hangouts along the West Bank of the Fox River in Carpentersville.

Vern LaVia on 1/10 reported via IBET: I visited Oakhurst Forest Preserve in Aurora from 4 - 5 pm today and had both Grt hrn Owl and Barred Owl about 200 yards apart from each other on the same trail.

Enter Oakhurst from Fifth Ave. (about 1 mile east of Farnsworth Ave.) Soon after entering, you'll see a brown house / ranger's home on your right. Park there and walk east around the single metal chain and down the very wide path with pines running parallel on your right and deciduous forest on your left. Within 100 yards, the Great horn flew from the pines across the path and landed in a non-pine for long looks.

Then continue about 200 yards, and you'll arrive at another stand of pines on your right, this one running perpendicular to the path. The Barred Owl flew out of these pines and landed in a non-pine for long looks.

I was able to locate owl pellets and whitewash in both pine stands.

Also had:
@ Robins (50+)
@ Fox Sparrow (2)
@ House Finch (2)

John Janunas on 1/9 reported via e-mail: Looks like this guy has some new feathers to grow. Jan 9 at the quarry.

Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle photo courtesy John Janunas

Jon Duerr on 1/9 reported via e-mail: We found a grove of Alder shrubs with 20-25 Redpolls feeding. Take Freeman Road west of the Rt 47 stoplight (east of the light is Huntley Mall, all just north of the I 94 overpass). Drive west about 200 yd. to the first street on the south side (left). This is the entrance to an industrial park where only one lot is built upon. Drive about 100 yd to the cul-de sac and to the west is the grove of Alders surrounding a detention pond. We were there around 12:00 Sunday.

Rich Miller on 1/7 reported via e-mail: A couple of pictures from today's walk at Nelson Lake.

Black-capped Chickadee and Blue Jay

Black-capped Chickadee and Blue Jay photos courtesy Rich Miller

Jim Narovec on 1/7 reported via e-mail: 1/6/12 Midday, spotted a Bald Eagle along the west bank of the Fox by the C'ville, W. Dundee border. Later heard from a friend that he spotted 3 Eagles in the Fox River Shores FP about the same time.

Andrew Aldrich on 1/6 reported via IBET: Hello! Inspired by all of the recent posts about Common Redpolls, I set out today to find some of my own. I found one, but just one. It was feeding with a flock of 12 or so Pine Siskins at Oakhurst in Aurora. Also notable were the hordes of House Finches. I counted at least 50, and they were all over the preserve. I usually get a few, but I've never seen this many there. Some other species/numbers of note below:



John Heneghan on 1/6 reported via IBET: We had a pair of redpolls this AM at our feeders. They were sharing the nyger "socks" with goldfinches and pine siskins. We have had more sparrows than in the past and very few house finches or woodpeckers. Also no red breasted nuthatches nor titmouse. The redpolls were a first for us at the house. We live near Big Rock FP.

Ron Dickenson on 1/5 reported via e-mail: Common Mergansers on the Fox River across from the Batavia quarry today.

Common Mergansers

Common Mergansers photo courtesy Ron Dickenson

Walter Lutz on 1/5 reported via e-mail: 12/5/2012 Midday

Voyagers Landing Forest Preserve (Elgin): Bald Eagle on the east side of the river at the Rt. 90 bridge. Also, Belted Kingfisher and a 10-point buck in the woods.

Jelke Bird Sanctuary (Sleepy Hollow/West Dundee): American Tree Sparrow and 4 Red-tailed Hawks, otherwise very quiet.

Scott Cohrs on 1/5 reported via IBET: There were about 20-25 Common Redpolls in the alders at Binnie FP today during lunch. Binnie is west of Carpentersville in Kane County. They were very flighty and for the most part quiet, but if you are patient they'll eventually make their presence known. I spent about 20 minutes there before I even heard a bird.

Other birds seen/heard on the walk back to the parking lot included a Fox Sparrow, 5 White-throated Sparrows and 2 Pine Siskins. There was an adult Bald Eagle perched in a tree along the Fox as I drove through Carpentersville/Dundee.

Jim Narovec on 1/5 reported via e-mail: On 1/5, spotted a Bald Eagle in the same tree as on 1/4 in the Old C'ville area along the east bank of the Fox River. It later flew south across the river and met up with its mate.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle photo courtesy Jim Narovec

Jim Narovec on 1/4 reported via e-mail: On 1/4/12 around 12:45, spotted a Bald Eagle in the dead tree they seem to like to perch on in the Stone place on the east side of the Fox River in Old C'ville. Then sighted 2 others that were soaring above the Carpenter Park area, the one in the tree may have joined the other two.

Ron Dickenson on 1/3 reported via e-mail: One of two Bald Eagles on the island across from the quarry in Batavia today.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle photo courtesy Ron Dickenson

Sue Wagoner on 1/3 reported via e-mail: On January 2, I was aroused from my football-game-induced coma by a "Murder" of about 15 American Crows seen flying to a nearby tree in the neighborhood. By the time I got outside an estimated 250 of the big and noisy guys were gathered in 2 trees about a block away. (Does this make it a "Mass Murder?")

It certainly is a welcome sight for anyone who remembers the Crow depletion by the West Nile Virus not so many years ago.

American Crows

American Crows photo courtesy Sue Wagoner

Urs Geiser on 1/2 reported via IBET: ...Waterfowl on the Fox River between Batavia and North Aurora was slim, with only a few COMMON MERGANSER (at Les Arend) and Mallard. A GREAT BLUE HERON tried to stay out of the wind at the Batavia dam. I had single adult flyover BALD EAGLES both in Batavia and in North Aurora, perhaps the same bird.

Jim Frazier on 1/2 reported via IBET: Kate has had a Mockingbird coming to a winterberry shrub in our [Batavia] yard since the day after Christmas. It's still appearing and was seen this afternoon around 1pm. Usually it's been seen mid-morning probably because that's when she is looking. Anyone is welcome to stop by for it, but beware that it's sporadic and you may wait for over an hour.

Here's a map to our house.

If you pull your car into the driveway as far as you can go, you can sit in your car and watch for it. It likes the winterberry (red berries), which is low and right by the brick patio, and may not be visible from the car. But it usually hangs out in the trees for a moment before chowing down.

Sorry, no watching from inside. We go back to work tomorrow.


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